Brand Alignment

Brand Alignment™ is an advanced concept. Regardless of the size or age of your company, it is the ideal state of an organization when all actions work together to produce, communicate, and deliver on a brand promise — the expectations that you establish with your customers.

If your company falls somewhere in the middle—neither the lowest-cost provider in the industry nor the one with the greatest name recognition—your challenge is in differentiating your business amongst a multitude of competitors.

And while you know that what you provide is different from the rest of the competition, you’re having difficulty converting prospects into customers and you’ve recognized that your business is not performing to plan. Perhaps your message isn’t resonating with your intended audience, or your goods and services don’t align with the needs of the market.

Whatever the issue, it’s time to evaluate those barriers keeping you from success and develop a strategy to overcome them. To achieve that, we offer you Brand Alignment.

It’s a two-step process. First, you need to ascertain your company’s brand essence — the heart of your brand—and second, ensure that you consistently reinforce that identity in every interaction with your customer base and target market.

Sound challenging? Not if you turn to SPINE for assistance. Using our structured process of inquiry and participatory methods, we will engage the key stakeholders of your business to identify and define your brand essence. Then we’ll develop marketing programs that align your company’s core competency with the attributes that your target market values, communicating that message clearly and effectively, across media.

The result? Your business will begin to perform better, your customers will want more, and your staff will be happy. In short, you’ve achieved Brand Alignment.