Prescription for Change

Pharmaceuticals are big business, with innovative new drugs hitting the market all the time. However, the industry’s manufacturing processes can be surprisingly archaic. Enter Neo PLM, a software startup on a mission to change all that with its disruptive technology.

The Challenge

Neo approached SPINE during the final stage of negotiations with its first client, a global healthcare conglomerate. The Neo team had already done the hard work: creating software that would enable drug makers to operate with much greater efficiency and accountability. Now the company needed a communication strategy to educate the industry on its radical new vision, while building a strong brand in the process. Ultimately, Neo had to give pharmaceutical companies the confidence to incorporate its software into the heart of their multi-billion dollar operations.


Potential Customers

“What is process PLM software—and who is Neo PLM?”

Enterprise software sales are complex endeavors involving multiple meetings and departments. For Neo, the challenge was compounded by the company’s youth—and the fact its software was unlike anything else in the marketplace. Much of the sales process would revolve around product demonstrations. First, however, Neo needed to establish credibility and ensure prospects understood its unique technology—at least at a high level. We began by working with Neo to develop a clear and compelling messaging platform. SPINE then created a communication plan that combined marketing initiatives with thought leadership pieces, both distributed online and printed in industry publications.

“What is process PLM software—and who is Neo PLM?”

neo magazine cover
neo plm magazine
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neo plm brochure