Industries: Energy

Put More Power Behind Your Brand

Why energy companies tap SPINE’s resources

Energy Experience

SPINE has worked with energy companies for over a decade. We’ve helped our clients navigate transformative changes and cyclical challenges, and we know what plays in the oil patch.

Broad Client Base

Our energy clients range from regional powerhouses to global enterprises—in sectors including E&P, oilfield services, technology, infrastructure, and renewables.

Branding Expertise

You need a strong brand to stand out in a crowded industry. Helping you build one—and reinforce it—takes a thorough understanding of your business. That’s the principle behind our process, which we call “informed creativity.”

What is your business challenge?

SPINE helps all kinds of energy companies achieve a variety of goals.

These are eventful times in energy. At the start of the shale revolution, we were positioning clients for success as the industry shifted beneath them. Then came a boom in new technologies; we worked with innovators to explain their complex stories to the marketplace. More recently, commodity prices created a new set of communication challenges we’ve helped clients overcome.


Sometimes it’s all about perception. If prospects see you as one type of company and you’re actually another, they could hang up the phone before you can clarify. SPINE drills deep to identify these gaps—and then bridge them, repositioning your business to better align your strengths with industry needs.


A strong reputation is invaluable, but building one isn’t easy—especially for privately held companies. Some may not be household names but are industry leaders nonetheless. We put a face on your firm and communicate your success, reinforcing credibility.


The shale boom sparked a new wave of invention. But some advancements are so specialized, companies have trouble explaining them and—more importantly—the benefits they offer. We help demystify your disruptive technology.


Everyone understands oil—it heats our homes and powers our cars. The same is true of natural gas. But a form of fuel that doesn’t exist yet, except in a lab? That’s a tougher sell. And that’s where SPINE comes in.

SPINE Fuels Growth for Energy Brands